Paradox Series- Peekaboo Universe

                                                              By Ramana Annamraju  MedBricks 

Playing the peekaboo game is fun for the child, Mother completely appears and disappears like magic. When the mother closes and opens her face, the mother is in and out of existence for the child.. Is mother really disappearing? The answer to this question is more complicated than you think..Particularly when legendary scientists like Albert Einstein and equally famous, father of quantum physics, Niels Bohr fighting about it. The EPR paradox is in the middle of it,

Niels Bohr argues (for the sake of analogy) the mother goes out of existence for the child when she closes her face. It is not figurative; it is literally she no longer exists,,.That is a strange and counterintuitive idea of quantum phenomenon . . But that ticked off Albert Einstein,, he retorted with Niels Bohr, "you mean to say if I don't look at the moon, it does not exist? Niels Bhor did not hesitate to say yes, and only the observation brings the world alive. That was the beginning of a famous debate between two giants of science. You want to know who won that debate. The answer may surprise you.

Quantum Entanglement is a phenomenon that occurs with two particles. The easiest way to get quantum entanglement, between the particles ( Photons, Electrons...) from birth itself from the same source, like twins. Once they are entangled, even if they move away from each other, they exert a strange and mysterious influence on each other. One of the characteristics of the particle is spin. If you find one particle spinning clockwise here, the other entangled twin particle, which is billions of miles away, goes antilock-wise. It happens instantly without any delay. Remember, the signal from Earth to Mars is just 222 Million miles away (in the cosmic universe, this distance is like going to a supermarket) takes more than 5 minutes. But with entangled particles, there is no time-lapse. It is instant communication. Think for a minute about how strange this idea is. A particle on earth maintains a mysterious and instant connection with his twin brother particle even if he goes away to the end of the universe. The only solution is the particles need to communicate faster than the speed of light. That is a big no, no for Einstein. Nothing can go faster than the speed of light.

In the world we live in, cause and effect are sacred. You get hurt first, and you feel the pain next but never be the case. The other way around is to feel the pain first and get hurt next. The maximum speed limit for light protects that sacred tenet. Quantum experiments proved beyond a doubt that there exists an instant connection between those entangled particles; however, apart they are. That seems to violate the laws of physics.

Two other lesser-known scientists, Russian American physicist Boris Podolsky and Israeli American physicist Nathan Rosen, joined hands with Albert Einstein threw a wrench at the idea of quantum entanglement. This spooky action at a distance, famously known as the EPR Paradox, bearing their names ( E-Einstein; P- Podolsky; N-Nathan)

EPR paradox claims these particles had a secret contract between them before their departure. The agreement is not yet discovered, When the particles are observed, they execute the previously agreed upon contract or agreement. There is no need to inform each other. The trio argued that there are no mystical influences between them. There is no need for communication; hence they are not violating the speed of light. It is the job of scientists to discover that secret pact—nothing more, nothing less. The scientific term for the secret contract is called "Hidden Variables".theory.

  • The analogy is there are two hand gloves in two boxes; one belongs to the left hand, and naturally, the other one belongs to the right hand. But it is not as simple as that. , Quantum experiments proved, beyond doubt, until you open the box, the glove is both right-hand and left-hand same time. With the particles, it is a proven fact. Once you open the box, "NATURE" randomly picks left-hand or right-handed without any preference. We have no input. It is bizarre, but it is a fact. We humans do not have any prior knowledge of which hand "NATURE" picks. Einstein does not have an issue with the experimental reality. He had a severe objection to "NATURE" picking up randomly left or right hand when opening the box. He famously said to his friend Niels Bohr, "God does not play dice". Niels Bohr promptly came back with his own famous quip, " Einstein, Who are you to tell God, what to do?".This quantum debate went on for the next 50 years without any resolution. Albert Einstein passed away in 1955. But bad news came for Albert Einstein's EPR Paradox in 1964 from a relatively unknown physicist from Ireland.
Belfast-born John Stewart Bell was less known outside of the physics circles, but he is the most admired scientist by his peers. John Bell took on the EPR Paradox of "Hidden Variables", astonishingly a metaphysical concept, and turned that into a provable mathematical theorem. John Bell's theorem called "Bell's inequality" proved no hidden or secret pact between the entangled particles before they go away. He put the mystery of "quantum entanglement" back into action. His stunning insight is a remarkable milestone in physics. Alain Aspect of France put the final nail on the EPR Paradox coffin with his experimental verification of BellsTheorm. Einstein was wrong. EPR paradox was dead. Niels Bohr won the argument with flying colors. The universe is stranger than we thought.

Quantum phenomenon threw child's peekaboo game into real la la land of wonders. Children might be experiencing wonders of the universe before our racial, and cultural, social prejudices malign them.


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