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By Ramana Annamraju MedBricks

Doctors may not know his name, but he is immortal in the field of oncology. Paul Adrien Dirac (1902-1984) was known among his friends as a quiet man with few words. But he was not so quiet in his brain, which was filled with mind-boggling mathematical equations.

One such equation has given birth to the present-day Positron Emission Tomography ( PET) scanner. British-born physicist Paul Dirac imagined a universe through his mathematical logic that is filled with antimatter. We don't know the address of the antimatter, but it is exactly the opposite characteristics of the particles that our universe is made of. The "Electron" is a negatively charged particle, whereas the counter particle of the antimatter is "Positron," which is positively charged with the same mass. The same goes with proton and antiProton. On occasions, the antimatter particles seep into our universe with a destructive force. Before Paul Dirac's publication, there was no such idea in existence in the scientific world. It is a tribute to the pure genius mind of Paul Dirac.

Paul Dirac won The Nobel prize in physics in 1933 for his groundbreaking predictions.
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is often used to determine the shape and location of suspected tumors within the body. Oncologists use FDG molecule, a radiopharmaceutical source that emits "Positron" to detect Cancer. In every way, FDG molecule is equivalent to Glucose molecule, except it is tagged with a radio transmitter. Since tumors consume more glucose /sugar than usual, we can see the actual movie with precise details at the cellular level in real-time. PET-CT scanner is a medical device used in recording that movie. Cardiologists also use PET Scanner to analyze the heart's viability and functionality.

Thanks to the science of "Positron" envisioned by Paul Dirac's equation, saving countless lives with early detection of fatal diseases. That's why I call this equation "The most Beautiful Equation in Medicine."

Last decade of his life, Paul Dirac immigrated to America. He was employed as Professor at Florida State University and died in 1984. He went out quietly, just like his famous personality. A tombstone was built in his honor at the university campus, along with his famous equation.  

There once lived a legendary scientist for whom the medical community and cancer survivors owe a great deal of gratitude,

Now as some question the validity of the vaccines, Paul Dirac demonstrated the power of science and vigorous mathematical logic to detect, cure and prevent diseases. To Celebrate this unsung hero visit

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